3D Mapping & Modelling

Mapping is something that many people will find useful, from Estate Agents selling a home or commercial property, Architects wanting to add an extension to an existing building, preparing imaging for presenting to town planning by way of fly throughs in video format.

Further data provided is volume measurements for commercial sites, lumber yards, etc. Most surveying needs can be met, with GCP's for excellent accuracy. The possibilities are endless for any need to do with construction.

We can deploy and run the flights required at short notice with quick and accurate turnaround of data for most work sites.

Photos & Video

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Time Lapse

Our bread and butter is the ability to put a drone in the air at short notice, for numerous different occasions, whether it is for an Estate Agent that requires aerial images the same day for a house sale, an inspection or high buildings and towers, to video of events, with the added possibility to live stream from concerts etc to big screens whilre still in the air, we can cover just about everything. For more detailed work, we can operate the drone and camera equipment independently of each other, with 2 operators, this makes our drones extremely versatile. With air time between 18-22 minutes at a time, we can cover most eventualities, and can switch between drones to keep a video running continuously. We are restricted by current legislation to filming below 400 feet, line of site and certain other legal requirements, so please do not be offended if we cannot do what you ask, it is not us, it is the law and is there for safety requirements.

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Watch the Video

Automated Drones are going to be the fastest area of growth in the Drone industry over the next few years, but they come with a high cost and without the understanding and planning, are a risk to the general public. We are well placed to be able to offer packages to you, that will include setup, planning, and the unedited footage to you, on a USB stick at the end of your hire. We will be able to offer various different packages, from 30 minute hire upwards. The advantage of using us, is that we have the experience and knowledge when it comes to safety and planning, giving you a trouble free enjoyable experience to be able to add a different angle to whatever film/edit it is you are planning. We will be specialising in all action sports, with a keen interest in helping you with any sports you can think of. So from your kids learning to snowboard, or racing in slalom, to wake boarding we can cover it all.

Something new for business and home use is Time-Lapse video, it can have many uses, but the problem with Time-Lapse for most people is the versatility of the cameras they already own, yes they can all do Time-Lapse, but the issues start with the battery, cameras such as the Go-Pro have the ability, but you need to have the camera connected to a power supply to get any significant length of time, and that means no waterproof case, putting your expensive camera at the mercy of the elements. We have specialist Time-Lapse equipment that has the capability of recorded for up to 40 days continuously, with the ability to stop start by schedule and fine tune the amount of images grabbed for your requirements. So building work, garden makeovers, seasonal changes, are all realisticly possible with our cameras. Enquire for more details and a quote.

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