Multi Rotor Axessories

So i haven’t been able to get to the UK Drone Show, and with Airdog also absent, for me there was not a lot there that would interest me. However, i bought a case from Multi Rotor Axessories not too long ago, and they really put themselves out for me, i had either the 1st or 2nd case of the production line for my i1Pro, and was so impressed.

This led to a few more conversations with Martin over at MRA, and he offered to cut a case for me for the Airdog as well. This is where the story gets interesting, as there are only a few beta models out in the wild, and mine, while a beta, is with me in Norway, so getting it sent over for working out the best way to cut was always going to be a problem as i need to be flying it.

I dropped an email over to Janis at Airdog, and we all started talking, the conversation went well, and with the offer in place to send a unit to MRA from Airdog, it all arrived “just in time”, and the product got made.

Airdog Show 1Now with Airdog absent, it was also a great opportunity to show with the unit still in the UK, MRA offered to show on there stand, this is a fantastic opportunity for them as a very small bespoke case maker to have what is an exclusive at the UK Drone Show, the only Airdog there, for all to see, and it suited both Airdog and MRA.

I hope this is the start of a good relationship between them, and who knows how they could possibly help each other in the future, but nice to see new small companies putting themselves out there for each other.

It looks good on the stand.

So with more pictures now available, i have to say, this case really does exceed any expectations i ever had, and i cannot believe how it has turned out, this is the kind of case i wanted, and more, the space has been very well used to make use of every last bit of space, and i am a really happy customer.

Airdog Case 6

Airdog Case 4  Airdog Case 5

Airdog Case 1 Airdog Case 3

In conclusion, all i can say is, if you need a case, then you definitely need to jump onto FB and find MRA or visit there website.. Martin will help you out for sure…