Latest News and Video

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So we have been flying in the snow recently, both with the Airdog and the Inspires.

The Airdog has been good, coming along nicely, and doing what it should do, still a little room for improvement, and that is coming, but a set back was had this past week, where one of the beta testers had an issue with a battery, this resulted in a Lipo fire, not the nicest thing to happen, so it has pushed forward the development and release of the smart batteries, this is welcome for me, as i think it is the way to go, and far safer in terms of storage and charging. So i am thankful for that, but as with all Lipo, you should never leave unattended, and this one wasn’t, so it was dealt with quickly and safely.

Modes are rolling out, and getting improvements and there are more Airdogs out in the wild now, we are starting to see more videos come through from other users and beta testers. It is certainly a cool drone for action sports and filming yourself in a different way.

This is our latest video, as a (step)parent, i have to do something called “Dugnad”, this is unpaid voluntary work, if your children belong to any clubs etc here in Norway, then you would understand, basically you give up a day for the good of all and it keeps costs down and involves the parents in whatever activity you are doing, my stepson snowboards, and as such, as part of the club, we have to do something to do with that, my work involved BBQing on one day and Filming on another, i also have a friend who is a commercial pilot, and he came along on the flying day and we filmed the SBX event.

It is a lot of fun, and the filming was great to do, but the editing, as you can see from the video, was a little different, it is unpaid and to spend so much time on it, is hard, especially when to get it out for all the other kids and parents, we where a little rushed. So colour grading got skipped. But enjoy it anyway.