Flying Near Airports

Now as some of you may be aware, flying near an Airport is generally not something you should do, that is not to say that you can’t though.

Even as a private (hobby) pilot, it is still possible, especially around smaller Airports.

Such a thing happened to me only yesterday, the process is simple, you phone the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and you ask if it is ok. Generally they will ask you location, how long the flight will be, and what height is the maximum you will be flying at.

So i wanted to fly to do some mapping, not a major problem in itself until you see how close it is to the end of the runway, 2km give or take a few meters. Now to the side of the runway 2km is a long way, but in a direct heading for take off and landing, it is much close than you would imagine.



The church i wanted to map was right bang smack in the middle of the approach, take off…!!!

However, a very brief conversation with ATC and permission was given, he told me that it wasn’t a problem, they had 2 light planes due to take off, and he would instruct to bank away from my location which on take off would mean they bank left. And it was done. The flight went smoothly, and a quick call back to ATC to let them know i had completed my flight was all that was left.

Manners and courtesy don’t cost anything, and the problems start with not having the foresight to have some common sense.

The end result was not as good as i hoped for, i only had the P4 with me, and i had to fly at quite a height due to the spire on the church, but i know now i am welcome, and i will be welcome back with the Inspire and the X5 to fly it again in more detail.