The DJI Inspire 1Pro is one of the best commercial drones
available on the market, with the versatility to have a
separate pilot and camera operator, it also has the
ability to live stream at events among other things.



The Airdog is the 1st of what will be a long stream of
fully automated drones coming to the market, but it
is also the most tested and has a huge variety of modes
that will cover all types of action sports with stunning effect.

The biggest selling action camera of all time,
with so many variations out there now, the must
have GoPro right now is the Hero4 Black, with the
ability to time-lapse right though to 4k video.


TLC200Pro (12)

Time-Lapse is a new area for business, with so
many opportunities to show the value in
your brand, the best specific camera currently
available is definitely the Brinno TLC200 Pro