Airdog 1st Flight Norway

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Ok, so as you may or may not know, i had an Airdog delivered last Wednesday, work, weather and just not enough time held me back from launching this drone into the sky. This was somewhat annoying for me, as i had flown the Airdog in Latvia when i visited, so i was eager to get out, but nothing should ever be rushed, that is when mistakes happen, so i have read, reread the instructions, tried to understand them, forgotten more than i remembered and reread them again. All stuff that blokes are not supposed to do of course, but this is an expensive toy, and if you get it wrong and it falls out of the sky, well, if it was because you didn’t take notice, then you will only have yourself to blame.

The day started with changing the Magnometer that was delivered today, this is what the compass relies on, installed and calibrated off we go. So i set up, GPS was a little slow, but that meant only 3 minutes at this location, and while the location is awesome, it is not as awesome as it will be in 2 weeks time. With snow on the ground, and permissions from the Ski resort to test as much as we want, and an invitation to Airdog to come and test as well, they have been very open to the way we are facing the challenges of introducing drones into the resort.

So ready for 1st flight, and i am a little nervous, i know i have enough space, i know that it is safe as there is no one around, it is deserted, but i am still nervous, because i don’t have the guys looking over my shoulder talking me through it, can i remember everything…??? I did, thank god, and so a press of play and ok, and we have a take off…!

Yes i said that, it took off, and it is flying, my Airdog, its in the air…!!!

Ok, so what did we do, well to be honest, we didn’t actually do an awful lot, i have a walk, and a little jog, i kept an eye on it, and then i landed. We shut down, had a smoke, the nerves where a little shaky. Powered up again, GPS was only a few seconds this time, so no issue there when changing batteries etc, not sure if i am supposed to shut down both the Airdog and Leash, in between flights, but i did, and both where quick for GPS.

So 2nd flight was much the same as the 1st, a little jogging, trying to move around, get a little movement in the drone to watch, i wasn’t gonna sprint around, it was snow and ice on the ground, and falling would not of been fun… So pretty boring for you guys to watch, but all the same, exciting because things are starting to gel and fall into place for Airdog, and with a very smooth landing, which i caught from the ground, i was happy, and content to call it a day.

So, am i happy, yes, it has been a long journey, and there is still a little work to do as you all know, but it is starting to look really good. A complete package…

I will write more as i get more flight, as i learn more and understand how it all works and how to put it together, so any questions people have, ask away, there is no such thing as a silly question, and if i don’t know the answer i am sure Airdog will let us know…