A funny week

This week has been a strange week for us over at DroneFotos, we have been testing hard, trying to keep upto date with software updates, flying and crashing.

It started off with some failures of what was the latest addition to the fleet of drones we will be using, the 3DR Solo had been going well, we had some 30 flights in manual, testing had gone well in manual but being a smart drone, we moved over to test the functionality and reliability of the Automated side of the drone, i was impressed with the selfie, this works, normally without fail, but has very little use for us as a business, so we moved onto cable cam, again this works, but very little use again, but orbit, does have an interest as we can use this for very quick and easy shots that we can get by flying manually, but it makes no sense to do if we can have a computer work out the orbit and fly for us.

The 1st orbit a small one with not much range went well, did as it was supposed to, the next one, lost contact with the RC causing a RTH (return to home) to be activated, the 3rd one, that was catastrophic. The reason is unknown for now, but it has been given as software failure, and the end result was a £2000/24000kr drone fall like a brick from the sky. All i could do was watch.

3DR is sorting this, as they should, replacing the drone, gimbal and H4B camera. Just a matter of time for the replacement to turn up…!

The week ended with the arrival of another drone though, the new DJI Inspire 1 PRO, this looks much more interesting, flying this is 2nd nature to us now, we use the i1 as our workhorse, so this, with added camera capabilities should be something that impresses us… Fingers crossed and will get some pictures and video up soon.